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This form isn't working right now, and, as I'm a quilter not a web designer, it's going to take me a bit to figure out what's wrong. Please use the "contact" option in the upper right corner to reach me with your request. Warmest wishes, Deidre

To help me create the quilt you have always wanted, please answer the questions below. The more information you are able to provide about your custom quilt, the better I'll be able to craft a personalized design just for you. When you are done, just click the "Send Request" button and your FREE personalized designs will arrive within 48 hours.

You are under no obligation to purchase a quilt if you request designs, but if you do decide to have a Whimzie quilt made, I'm looking forward to working with you!

Contact me today to further discuss your custom quilt or to provide any additional information about the quilt you’ve always wanted. And thanks for your interest in a Whimzie quilt!