I've always wanted a quilt...

People say that all the time when I tell them I'm a quilter.

You're probably even saying it right now - I've always wanted a special blankie for my baby granddaughter's crib...or a colorful throw for that comfy chair in the family room...or a unique stadium blanket because Dad is the team's #1 fan...

that’s why I started Whimzie Quiltz and More...
to create the quilt you've always wanted.

I'm Deidre McLeod, but you can call me “D.” I'm your custom quilt creator and the founder of Whimzie Quiltz and More. This year, I'm celebrating 15 fun and fabulous years of creating the quilts you've always wanted. In fact, since starting this website in 2004, I've made dozens of colorful and comfortable, traditional, yet “whimzical” quilts. And, yes, that means there are dozens of happy - and very warm - customers and friends enjoying Whimzie quilts right now.

Having done so many, I know the design of your custom-made quilt should reflect exactly what you want. I listen carefully to you and propose designs based on your specific input - you choose the theme, the colors, the pattern and the size - and I work with you until we capture just what you are looking for.

Once you settle on the perfect design, I start creating your custom quilt, using 100% cotton fabric, quality thread, and other specialty supplies. Your quilt is made using a traditional sewing machine and sewn with all the care and attention to detail you'd expect - after all, your custom quilt is being made by a person (me!)

Although I'm based in sunny San Diego, Whimzie quilts have gone to good homes all over, from Massachusetts to New Mexico and Colorado to Texas. There's even one in Europe. I've shown at a couple of local quilt and craft shows, too, but I'm not doing this for recognition. I'm a full-time custom quilter because I know there are people out there, like you, who have always wanted a quilt - and I want to create it!

Contact me today to learn more about custom Whimzie quilts or to discuss the quilt you’ve always wanted. You can also click the links below to start your free design or order your custom quilt directly. And thanks for your interest in a Whimzie quilt!